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MK5 recovery flash not working;


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I forgot about my MK5 and recently found it the SD card was missing so I tried to put a .bin on it and realised that wasn't going to work. I followed the steps to get into the recovery mode. I can successfully connect to the interface, problem is when I select the .bin no matter what one I use it says "update failed, make sure you're using the correct firmeware" links on this forum to the factory firmware are 404 but at resources >> downloads >> MK5 there is all the version releases. So is there something I am doing wrong or these are just updates and not correct for flashing the factory f/w for recovery ? 

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I have been trying this guide. To no great success.


I still get only constant Green and flashing Blue. No DHCP.

When I download the factory file its md5 doest match the hash in the file

$ md5 mk5_factory.bin 

MD5 (mk5_factory.bin) = 96df5ccc388bd86b40a122c546adf687

I get periodically a blinking yellow the constant Red. My device gets a self assigned IP but then it goes back to blue and the device says not connected.

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On 5/25/2016 at 11:39 PM, Sebkinne said:

Please follow the unbricking instructions here: http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/legacy/#!firmware.md


Best regards, 


I have followed this tutorial, word by word, 20x over. I can get to the reset your password page sometimes. but when I set a PW it does nothing. It is like its not accepting the PW , it just take me through the same reset process of turning the radios off w/ dip switches. I have also followed this guys tut on how to unbrick. with no success. you can log into my machine if you want and and ill plug/unplug pwr on wifi pinnap. any help would be greatly appreciated 

Please Help. 


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i have set the dip switches back. and hit continue and the wifi pineapple logo just flashes and red,blue,amber flashing too. when i reset it keeps throwing me on a loop it doesn't accept my pw. i cant get to the main screen with tile for infusions etc. just pw rest loop. 

Also, the dip switch diagram is a lil misleading as it shows the dip switches should all be set to down with numbers on top. is that correct or is it upside down?



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