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Encouraging SSIDs for graduates? (Occupinapple)

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     I'm known as the local "tech kid" around the neighborhood, and I've been asked to do some stuff at a high school graduation later today.   I brought up the same thing that that was done here, and know I'm trying to think of good SSIDs to broadcast.   Any ideas?   Thank you.


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Class of XXX

We are the Champions

Name of College with year graduated


Just a couple basics.  Make enough that it drowns out all the other SSID in the area so that it is blatantly obvious a message for them.

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Actually, you should get the school to drop/rename their wireless. Otherwise people will just use their wifi without looking at the SSID list at all. Not doing that this idea would become more of an easter egg that you only discover when you actively go out and hunt for it.

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I never thought about that. Kids these days use ipads instead of school books and such.  Maybe ask them to turn the wifi off for a little while.

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