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poor cell phone coverage inside a building. fcc reg


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Some places I work have little or no cell coverage in their building.  I have to go sit by a window to get signal.  These are giant financial companies can they get around the fcc rules about blocking cell phone signal range.  I understand there are rules about financial data.  As there are secure areas in these buildings with bullet proof glass and the door is locked at all times.  Are they allowed to get around these rules.  I have to sit by a window to get signal of any kind.  Is this common.

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Depends what country you are in what the laws are and if they can or cannot.

They may not be actually blocking actively. The building may just be a giant faraday cage.

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Then the FCC is going to have a mighty fierce fight with nature which, by providing all sorts of reflecting surfaces like that annoying "ground" and other blocking structures like those pesky "trees" blocks/jams/interferes with signals on a regular basis.

I'm quite confident you'll find that you're not allowed to jam/block a radio signal in the public space. If you want to make your building a full-on, Gene Hackman in Enemy Of The State-approved faraday box, you can.

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On 5/18/2016 at 11:34 AM, badbass said:

In the US the fcc says cell and wifi signals cant be jammed or blocked.  

They can't actively be jammed or blocked.  You can build a building with a metal exterior with low-e reflective windows and be perfectly within the law.  I work in several of them weekly, we have to turn off our phones because they will get hot from continuously looking for a signal.

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7 hours ago, badbass said:

Yeah Thanks Man I will phone a friend to give me a box to take good signal close to the window and boost it.

Cell phone boosters are illegal as will as they are broadcasting on frequencies you don't have a license for.

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