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Nexus 6P wifi tether solved [root]


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###This may violate TOS agreement for you so this is your WARNING###

Im not responsible if you mess up your devices, you choice to do it on your own!!!!

I found this a while ago and never tried it because I saw that it quit working with the monthly updates from google. Well I decided to give it a try today and to my surprise it worked great. My device is unlocked and rooted. You have to be root to preform the editing of the build.prop file in the root directory.

1.) Download "Root Explorer" and grant it permission to access the root partition.

2.) Navigate to /system/ and find "build.prop". Root Explorer will ask to remount the partition as read&write, say yes and hold down the build.prop file and in the upper right corner select the 3 dots or options. Select "Open in Text Editor"

3.) Navigate all the way to the bottom and add this line and then save.


Save, reboot and open up wifi tethering from the setting menu and turn it on!!!

This was done on the May Security update from google, so the latest you can get!!

Im using Straight Talk but I bet that it would also work on AT&T or any other carrier that blocks wifi tethering

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Straight Talk blocks tethering.

Verizon does NOT block tethering.

T-Mobile does NOT block tethering.

I don't have any other Nexus phones on other carriers to test.

T-Mobile doesn't block tethering, but even on unlimited data they cap you at 5GB per month.

You can get around it by using a rooted phone and modifying the routing tables.. But it's very vendor dependent.

Best Regards,


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So I just happen to pick the only carrier that blocks it lol. Anyways im over excited to have it unblocked now!! Since I don't use it that much I highly doubt they will do anything about. I wifi tethered with my motox 2013 and they never said anything. I can now wifi tether the Nano with my main phone :)

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