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Revisiting samy kamkar's site with a Pineapple perspective. Any one use samy codes with their fruit?


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I knew of this guy (Samy Kamkar) during his counter strike days. He was brought back into my live Via Tim Ferriss' podcast and I enjoyed the ideas on his website. (Samy.pl). Now with my ventures into the Pineapple I'm revisiting the ideas on his website for use with the Pineapple. Has any one used NAT Pinning or click jacking with the Pineapple?

For those that don't know, Samy was responsible for the Myspace Worm and if memory serves my right, was a key player to bringing attention to Apple phones recording your location. Here are some of things I'm interested in and would love to know the viability in their use in the Nano/tetra world.

pwnat: Advanced client-server NAT-to-NAT penetration

Quickjack: Automated Clickjack and Frame Slicing Tool

NAT Pinning: Forcing Remote Routers to Port Forward

pwnat: Advanced client-server NAT-to-NAT penetration

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