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Alt + numpad combination for precise characters

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New happy ducky owner here, trying to make more keymap independent commands/scripts and got an idea...

In Windows, wouldn't it be possible to enter individual characters with alt + keypad keys? For example alt + 5 8 for a colon (:).


could then be written like




I've looked in the Ducky Encoder source, so it should at least be possible with one key, like


to act as holding left alt and pressing keypad 3 - but testing shows it does not work. MODIFIER_ALT seems to be used when Encoder reads ALT + key, and it has has the same code as MODIFIER_LEFT_ALT in keyboard.properties.

But even if it would work, another/longer syntax would be needed, since ALT needs too be held during all 2-3 numbers to write any usable characters. Any thoughts? Could not find any mention regard this in the forum.

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Bump up!

This would indeed be a nice feature to have, as not all keyboards are configured equal, here in Quebec most people use Canadian French, but some people use Canadian Multilingual, and this causes me an headache every time I need to use quotation marks (") on a script because on CF it is SHIFT+2 but on CM it's SHIFT+. therefore my script isn't bulletproof, would be nice to be able to simply send ALT+3+4 to evade possible configuration issues. (though I think this method might only work on Windows boxes)

So far haven't found any solution, I am guessing the issue is at the firmware level, since it doesn't seem to be possible to modify a keyboard.properties file to do a complex sequence whenever quotation marks are requested (press & hold ALT, input 3 then 4 and finally release ALT)

Any help would be appreciated,

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