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Can I give my clients an IP other than 172.16.42.*?


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I searched and researched but I'm not 100% sure of what I'm looking for. So my Clients are my iphone and Chromebook. When I check out my wifi info I get the router (nano) info which is the usual:

IP - 172.16.42.*

Subnet -

router -


search domains - lan

What do I need to do to change these from showing their current information?

Also, I've played around with the Kernel IP routing table under the Networking menu and all it ever seems to do is erase the top default row which is usually the wifi wlan2 is connected to. What else can I do with the Default Route input?

Thank you.

EDIT: There is this thread but i'm looking to keep my wlan0-1/brlan ip of and give out a different IP block to the clients on wlan0

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