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Avidmux is at least half decent. It's at least better then the laughable windows movie maker in that it doesn't force you to use the craptastic WMV format.

You do realize that you can output to a variety of formats with windows movie maker? Its a great little tool for dumping miniDV via.

As for video editing software, how much do you want to pay? Because products like adobe premier and after effects can be downloaded for free, for a limited period of time, and they are damn good.

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For pre-editing and effects, etc, try Virtual Dub and AVI-Synth(to import other formats).

Virtual dub is also great for video and audio compression, especially xVid avi's, but just about any codec works with it. There are tons of sites with tutorials, and once you get used to its inner workings its easy to link cut up segments and merge them to one video.

I use it when I need to merge Subtitles with forgeign films. There are a few other programs to use along side, like Subtitle Converter, which changes SSA text files to SRT which you would merge in Virtual Dub. All of these can be found for free online.

You can even use AVI Synth with Virtual dub to open VOB files(ones without DVD encryption, for that, use something like dvd shrink or decrypter to rip and then edit with Virtual Dub)

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