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vps for setting up vpn on it


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What i need is a machine with metasploit and its own IP address to accept reverse connections from machines.

I cant use the cheap VPS services, cause for metasploit you need a minimum of 4gig of memory and 2Ghz cpu i believe.

And if i buy expensive vps, some might ban me if they will think im using metasploit or some hacking tool.

And i'll need to install all the stuff that i need on it, in kali all the goodies are already installed :)

So.. I thought to my self.. What if i buy a cheap vps and use it to install VPN like darren do in one of the episodes.

And have my kali linux connect to that vpn, and wait for connections. Will that work for me?

I will be in a lan. I wont have an external ip address cause its vpn. But will i still be able to get connections from the machines that i sent the metasploit payloads?

Or will it need some configurations done on it?

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Make my kali linux virtual machine connect to the vps that will run vpn server.

I cant have my kali machine have my real ip, for obvious reasons.

And i cant use vpn service, cause i wont have a dedicated ip address. I'll have the same ip some of the other users have, and i wont be able to accept reverse connections from targets.

So i want to use vps for two reasons.

1. Hide my real ip.

2. Have a dedicated ip address.

BTW i know PureVPN have a dedicated ip service, but not interested for a reason.

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