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Micro USB to USB2.0 OTG Stubs


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Eh I was curious if I could find something a bit shorter and smaller and I came across these Micro USB to USB2.0 OTG stubs you get 5 for less then $2 so eh why not!
picture below. Figure this will be really good for connecting it to a Nexus or Oneplus running NetHunter you can connect your TP-LINK TL-WN722N or a Ralink stub that hak5 sells.

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I would use caution when buying low price OTG. I have purchased a good amount of OTG cables/adapters in the past and a lot of them didn't work well or at all with some devices. I think it may be the gauge of wire used or something.

Interesting is it possible they were just defective did you try more then one of the same otg/adapters?

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Yeah, they were pretty hit or miss. I just started spending the little extra for quality cables.

I'm gonna give these a try and report back if I don't forget about this thread looks like they won't be here for a week or two China items...

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China is, in a way, just like any other place: You get what you pay for and people do end up making a profit on this shit so if it's dirt-cheap to you, imagine what the vendor is paying for it and, thus, how much actual value went into it.

The other thing about products from China is that if they think it'll make you purchase something, they'll lie through their teeth about it. So when you go and purchase something from there and their thing, while being mostly identical, is only a tenth the local price, either you're getting royally shafted locally, or something there isn't up to snuff. Wonky included power supply (or simply missing), the cheapest cable money can buy, connectors that only last for 10 insertions, flashlights whose on/off buttons break after 20 presses, flashlights whose cover breaks at the first drop because it never fit right anyway, those kinds of problems.

There are actual deals out there, but make sure you know what you're going to get and that the price you're paying for it still makes sense. I buy a *TON* of Chinese crap for my video rigs (I've got an A4 rating on AliExpress for instance) but I too fell for a few bad items. The trick is to hope you get something useful, but not be reliant on those products until you've actually used them for a while and they've proven themselves to be the quality you expect.

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Just got these in the mail today to be honest they're the size of a nickel I believe and they appear to work just fine with my Ralink RT5370 no issues connected it to my phone turned monitor mode on loaded wifite picks up networks.



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