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Killing drones.


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There are many ways to down a drone. They use different frequencies. The main frequencies they use are 2.4GHz WiFi and 5.8GHz WiFi to operate. The best way to do that is for you to get a WiFi jammer that can block those main wifi frequencies that interrupt the connection between most FPV Quadcopter drones and their remote controls. It's that easy.

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So you were screaming the same when Airplanes/Helicopters were invented?  Or Google Maps Satellite view? Or Street-view? Or just Cameras in general even?

Your right to privacy is only susceptible to how private you maintain yourself.  If you have your curtains open, people can legally stare or take pictures from a public space.  And public space starts at the height of grass/objects/buildings according to the FAA. Sorry, but you don't control the air around you.  Jamming in general is illegal according to the FCC.  Shooting a drone is the same as shooting a plane according to the FAA.  

If you want privacy maintain your own privacy (via curtains and putting things away), don't just expect it.  You can try to build bigger fences or put a net above and around your entire property but I'm sure your going to run into other regulations that will prevent such actions as well.

Otherwise get involved with your local government and see if you can enact laws to prevent things like that (such as peeping tom laws).  Just be prepared for Federal regulations to take precedence if you are in their jurisdiction.

You're far better off finding the owner of the drone and asking them to stop.  Being a drone flyer myself I would be happy to avoid it or even just explain to you I wasn't even looking at your crappy backyard but at the horizon or my backyard from a distance.

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