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First I refer to the rules of the internet: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/rules-of-the-internet

And a call-out to my sadly missed mentor and friend.

you know who you are

We do not hack in-discriminatory for we are all one on the internet; we should not separate ourselves buy color, or creed; because in the end on the internet you are either a one or a zero ( 1 or 0 ), in the end we need both to communicate and share information. Knowledge is power and we need to learn to share this; not to hold back; hide; or make fun of or abuse; we are the generation of hackers where 'hacking' has a bad name twisted by the corporations and the media. We do not hack for profit (though at times it is fun (within legal boundaries and signed contracts)), but we do it for the betterment of ourselves to help improve each others lives, to teach, and love one other. We hack to modify and improve, to better ourselves and others, to make knowledge available freely accessible. If some one does something interesting/cool congratulate them, and learn from them.

There should be no shame, disgust or hate.

If anything he set out to do was to drive enthusiasm, knowledge and learning i will try to continue this as we all should.


my missed friend

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