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Fuzzing OpenSLL with AFL-Fuzz Test Case Error


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I've generated a self signed certificate and put it in "in" directory. It then gave me a different error that said there was no file named selftls. What program in openssl accepts and processes certificates?

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./selftls says to look for a file called selftls in the current directory.

I'm guessing that you've found these instructions in some document and have just copy and pasted them rather than trying to understand what they are actually doing. I suggest finding a man page or manual for the tool you are using and read through it to learn what is actually going on.

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I am in the openssl directory

cd openssl
greg123:~/openssl (master) $ ls
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Configure* LICENSE NOTES.WIN README.PERL config* demos/ include/ ssl/
AUTHORS FAQ Makefile README VMS/ config.com doc/ ms/ ssl.map
CHANGES INSTALL Makefile.shared README.ECC apps/ configdata.pm e_os.h openssl.spec test/
CONTRIBUTING INSTALL.DJGPP NEWS README.ENGINE appveyor.yml crypto/ engines/ out/ tools/
Configurations/ INSTALL.WCE NOTES.VMS README.FIPS build.info crypto.map external/ pod2htmd.tmp util/
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Have you done any fuzzing before? From what you've posted so far I'd guess probably not or very little.

Openssl has been analysed by all the top professionals so unless you are very skilled then the chances of you finding anything are so remote that you are mostly wasting your time unless you are doing it just to learn how to fuzz. If you are doing it to learn to fuzz then don't start here, start with the basics and work up. There are loads of better apps to start on to learn the skills.

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I've not done any fuzzing so don't know the recommended resources but these look like good places to start:


This post is from a mate of mine who does know his stuff


I'd also recommend just getting to know Linux, both errors you posted are fairly basic if you know your way around a command line.

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