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reaver pro(hornet ub x2) into pineapple


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hi all

i have a reaver pro that i think now is a dead project

so i am trying to make a wifi pineapple iv out of it

i have a couple of questions that i hope sumone will know the answers to

(1) the flash size between the ap121u and the hornet are different

q doesent this just mean theres more room at the back end of the ic

q what address does the pineapple upgrade start from

q can this not easily be adjusted(by sum one cleverer than me obviously)

and last question can i just get a 8m full dump of pineapple ic and write it to the first half of the 16m ic

any suggestions will be greatfully recieved

thank you

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You'd possibly have to recode the features on the MK4 to get it to work before I found out what hardware reaversystems was using me and some friends were working on exporting the Reaver Pro II to a Linux Distro like the old Reaver Pro was however it was short lived after we started looking at the code and realized it wasn't gonna be worth our time to rebuild it.

It would've been a nice ideal to have the nice Reaver Pro II WebUI in a Linux Distro again but eh! didn't work out

I feel bad for the people who i recommended them to buy it I mean Reaver Systems really made me look bad when they pulled the project I feel the at least should've been nice enough to open source the code to allow others to keep the project going.

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reaver pro and the wifi pineapple both run openwrt so as long as you install the right base for your hardware

you should be able to load the pineapple specific files into the correct directories and run it.

your only limitation will be the flash memory size you have on your hardware, but this is easily replaced.

just look at the penturalabs article blue for pineapple.

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hey guys thanks for the replys

the reaver pro is the same hardware as the mark 4 from what i can see accept the reaver pro has more memory and ram

i think the stumbling block is the address to write upgrade.bin as it is 16m rather than 8m

does anyone know if i just get an 8m flash ic from e*ay $2 and swap it for the 16m flash if that will cure the incompatability

or could i get a complete dump of the flash with pineapple on it then write this to the first 8m of the 16m ic

thanks again

and ile look at blue for pineapple now cheers

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