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How Funky Is Your Pineapple Process?


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What Golden Rules of set-up process' for your Pineapple Nano before doing what you do?

It's taken me a few weeks to figure a couple things out. While it's neither amazing or extensive, it is something that works for me at my level. I would love to see a few steps that you take to get what you want out of the Nano. I hope this thread will turn into a good fresh-meat nano owner's thread to get their understanding feet wet.

1. This is a setup while stationary in town (ie park with kid, dinner, ect..). Generally I utilize PineAP, SiteSurvey, Recon, ngrep, Make sure logging is recorded to the SD card once an hour as the nano isn't running usually for more than 4 hours. Enable the PineAP, minus probe logging and broadcasting the SSID Pool. Turn the SSID broadcasting rate to minimum but turn the response to probing to aggressive. Set the WLAN2 to a working AP. Set ngrep (still don't fully understand what this does) to work on wlan0. Recon goes to work on a 5 minute scan. Sitesurvey to see if there's a common AP to death and capture. Then go about applying MAC tracking and deaths via recon window. I'll post another setup process after I refine my arcade button-mashing like nano use.

I still have issues understanding which modules and interface initiations break other interface workings on other modules. For example: YOU CAN SiteSurvey with wlan1mon and it won't stop the PineAP from running. YOU CAN run ngrep on Wlan0 and not boot all your clientele. YOU CANNOT initiate sitesurvey with wlan0-mon without booting yourself (I think that's what I did to kick myself out of the administration SSID). What are some of the Golden Rules of 'use this with this but not with that'?

EDIT: spotted this in the sitesurvey module thread: Running deauth mode for length consistently locks the pineapple up. The situation seems to be aggravated when recon wlan1 is active also, resulting in scans being dropped entirely and a situation where factory reset was needed to restore. Golden Rule: Don't run sitesurvey deauth while recon wlan1 is active. Good to know.

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While this isn't a process, it gives me an idea for a module that would work like switches on the MKV... pre-programmed launch processes where we could define a set of run-time steps for specific modules with pre-determined settings, and then activate more based on a schedule / uptime / logging stats / checkpoints.

How cool would that be? Instead of physical switches, just set a task and let it run through!

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Sounds dreamy. I have a feeling there is a CLI for an extensived macro like command. Too bad my shit vs shinola compass around the GUI is still lacking. I do know my way around the firmware flashing though.

At the moment I'm trying to figure out the correct process to grab logins, emails, passwords, authorizations ect. while using sslsplit and either grep or tcpdump. This site (commandlinefu.com) comes in handy to find full examples and deconstruct for your purpose of experimenting.

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