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Detecting laser sources

Paper Tiger

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Ok sooo....... How to proceed without sounding like a nut?

I just moved to DC a month ago from Norther VA so I'm not new to this area and used to the military industrial complex. the other day I was walking my dog and swear I caught a laser in my right eye when I turned around, it was bright and that sucker HURT!!!! my eye has been hurting for a number of days now and I'm fairly sure It was a laser since I have been hit in the eye with a high powered one before, and even experience the same resulting pain. I thought nothing of it except it wasn't your normal laser and it seemed to hit me right in the eye and no where else. no laser trails like it was from a gun or laser pen.

Well..... I went out walking my dog a few days later and when I was in the exact same location (give or take 5 feet) the same thing happened!!!!! First I got blasted in my right eye again, then I turned to look at my dog and saw the laser hit his dog tag with 100% accuracy about 20 times. It was a blinking circle of red about the size of a quarter. This wasn't a hand operated laser pen, this is something else!!! At first I thought I was crazy, but after I saw that I was convinced that it was in fact a laser I was hit in the eye with. There aren't many locations this laser could be located at, but I think this device is either being used by the parking enforcement or located in a row house nearby.

I would like to setup some type of device that will help me locate the source of this laser so I can put a stop to is or sue someone for injuring my eye. It's been a week and my right eye kills, plus I just has Lasik only 7 months ago and this has affected my eye negatively. Can anyone point me in the right direction? even if I have to build the device myself I'm determined to locate this laser and put a stop the the chicanery. For all I know it could be some NUTTER doing target practice and I don't want to be any part of that. Please help!

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