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Block CAIN AND ABLE attacks!


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So, I told my friend about the show and he absolutly loved it ... unfortunatly my entire CLASS watches is now and now EVERYONE knows how to "HACK" with cain n able.

So... the porblem is that peoples passwords are being shuffled around because its being captured by everyone in class.

My Question is .... whats the simplest way to BLOCK being attacked, or to atleast find out whos attacking me for example.

Thanks in advanced!


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Given the apparent fact that people are sniffing your packets, use only programs that use a secure protocol for their authentication.

and if theres ever about the security STOP cain and able will insert it's own certs and firefox should complain


windows has a nice little feature 'arp'

1 open a command window

2 get the real mac address for your router

3 in the command window type:

arp -s [routers IP address] [routers mac address]

so it should look something like

arp -s 00-ab-75-34-d4-66

now this only works half way but it's better then nothing and after I test it i'll let you know how it works

Update 2: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...p.mspx?mfr=true

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that pretty much sucks... but if your paranoid like I am then you probably assume that everyone in the room is sniffing your packets anyway. my menthods:

1. confuse the sniffers and make your self smile by typing messages to them in unsafe logins, ex:

username: HeyDouchbag

Password: tryagain! or You have just recieved a virus.

2. use safe protocols, programs, and websites

3. dont do anything incriminating while there

4. sniff them... or worse.. do what is necessary, become a super skiddie and try your luck with metasploit against them

5. be creative and have fun!

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This is why, dispite how simple and public knowledge some of this stuff is. Don't share information with people who can't be trusted, if they are not smart enough to google and find ways todo thing, don't put the power in their hands.

"A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing".... ever so true in this case.

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I dunno about that

it took my retarded friends a whole windows release to make it obsolete to get over winNuking the shit out of each other.

It wasn't safe for anyone to go on ICQ, you'd come on, and instantly you'd be off LOL

Then I found Linux, and my life was changed. I had friends, I became popular and I even got into a great school and a better job. Thanks Linux :-D

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