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Done with hak5...

Guest desarmy

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You were banned from the IRC by different operators because you were

A) Annoying other users to the point where they complained about you

B) Changing your nickname to "foxtrot_is_a_faggot"

C) Constantly joining threatening users with attacks

D) Threatening to attack the IRC server

E) Abusing the webchat to evade bans

and more?

You would of been banned for like 30 mins if you hadn't of kept joining back with offensive nicknames, or abusing the webchat over a period of 4-5 days.

You disobeyed server rules and were disrespectful, and went out of your way to continue annoying people and evading bans.

Edited by Foxtrot
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I welcome people with open arms :) I normally stay away from most communities online cause I normally wear my welcome out in due time most people who really don't know you tend to not wanna deal with people.

I'm a really different person then I play on this forum if people really spent a few days talking to me I'd possibly tick you off :)

But I say and act how I feel and if people don't like it well tough their is limited number of people who see potential me the rest see someone who is a complete waste of time :B

Normally why I never add people on social networks or on things like Skype is because I'd just piss someone off they'd end up going on a trip the expose me or try to give me drama.

I've had the honor of the prank calls the SWAT Team Raid, Pizza Deliveries so :)

You ever stop back look me up online maybe we can work on some projects before we part ways :B

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