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Linux question, For School Project


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I'm in a small group, for this project but we are looking for some direction.

We have 6 Desktops running Kubuntu 6.06LTS. Now we want to make a server to that handles logins and home dir. So I can choose any computer in the lab sign in and have my home dir, and any settings that I have set up on previous setions.

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www.google.com/linux is a search engine tailored for linux questions. Other than that i would suggest using freebsd or debian as a server. Both of their homepages have excellent tutorials.



Technically if he wants to stay Linux, he can't use FreeBSD, seeing as FreeBSD is a port of BSD Unix...

/End technicality rabble

Debian has some good stuff, but if you want to set it up nice and easy, I would go for Fedora Core, 5 should do the trick. It has A TON of network services and tools installe from setup when you install it as a server, and it is as easy as point and click what type of set up you want to run it for...

It probably has one of the most easy and fully loaded out of the box server packages. Minus RHEnterprise...

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