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Pineapple nano gateway issue on Linux


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Hi guys and gals of hak5

I am need of your expertise. I recently bought my first pineapple ever and I have some issues which I was wondering if you could help me with.

Since I didn't have my laptop at the moment I got the pineapple I set it up using my android phone and it worked flawlessly but when I try to connect it to my kali box I get some issues.

I connect the y cable to my laptop and the other end to the led end as soon as do it takes over my wifi connection and I cannot connect online if I do an ifconfig get that my that my default gateway is gone.

I am running the lastest version of kali Linux 2.0 and the pineapple is running the latest firmware version.

Thank in advance for your help

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In my experience when I first connected my NANO to my kali box, I had to go into network settings and turn my main connection (eth0, your could be wlan0) back on and then run the wp6.sh script to tether the connection to the NANO.

I dont have any Screenshots as ive been re configuring my entire "command center" <----lulz

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