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Is my Nano working properly or in need of 1.1.0?

Kapu Lanai

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Consistently experiencing troubles with PineAP. If clients are connecting \ disconnecting the pineapple locks up. If PineAP is enabled then recon will break down. Lots of restarts all on its own. Lots of factory resets.

I use management ap. I've nice antennas, amplifiers and all that jazz. I'm beginning to think my hardware might be faulty.

or will the next update save me?

anyone else have any of these problems or suggestions. let me know.

I'd think the pineapple would be able to recon, run PineAP and do a capture on wlan2 at once. Am I wrong?

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1.1.0 isnt out yet but disable your managment AP and only have the Open Ap on, Do you recon scan first then setup PineAP in another tab, that way you can keep the recon results up and death while setting up PineAp. wlan2 could technical run the death module and not have to worry the recon page.

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I have one usb plug to a 2.1amp charger, 2.3 watt amplifier on 6dbi omni, alfa auwesneh 5dbi on a usb range extender, 7dbi panel antenna on wlan0.

Couple of follow up questions. How are you powering the 2.3 watt amplifier and what do you mean by usb range extender? I'm asking all this to see if there is a way I can reproduce the problem with stuff I have here.

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You may have difficulty finding the USB range extender. It sits upstream the alfa, downstream the pineapple. I believe Logitech is the manufacturer. It came with one of their keyboards as a bonus.

My main power supply is a 10amp. The WiFi is powered by a single USB extension 6ft, the amplifier is powered by its manufacturer supplied 1amp wall plug.

Maybe my problem is my reliance on the gui. I am much faster than these tiny computers and maybe cli, will help me in my dev. But but but...I want the gui experience for demos.

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The reason I was asking so many power related questions is because if the Tetra doesn't get enough power it will freeze or reboot under certain conditions. I was thinking the Nano might exhibit the same behavior. With the USB charger you are using, you have over 10W to work with. When I have my Android phone tethered to the Nano while running PineAP and Recon mode, I'm only starting to approach 5W. In order for power to be your problem, that USB range extender would have to have a usb hub at the end with multiple devices attached. It also looks like a lot of your power is coming from wall plugs. That's all I could think of but it looks like that's not your problem. Good luck!

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