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Power to USB after shutdown?


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I installed a wifi lan adapter today and it works great as an additional lan. This adapter has an activity LED which flashes in the usual way when there's activity. When I shutdown the pineapple from the GUI, or shell the blue light on the pineapple goes out, but the LED on the USB lan adapter doesn't.

This seems to mean that something is still drawing power even when the device is "off". I can't ping, or otherwise access the pineapple so it seems like it's truly shut down. But I'm wondering what is still powered and does it have to be?

A few observations. I can disconnect the WLAN adapter and when I plug it in again, the light doesn't go on. Does this mean the light was just powered by some residual capacitance in the system?

But when I turn the battery power to the pineapple off, the light on the WLAN adapter goes off, so that seems to indicate that the power is coming from the pineapple's power source.

My concern is simply that I don't want to waste battery power when I'm not using the pineapple. So if I shut it down, i'd like it to stop drawing down my battery.

Anyone know what's really going on?

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I have noticed that the unit passes on a charge even if the device itself is powered off. If you think about, the electricity is still present through the why cable, through the adapter. Did the current stop just because the pineapple wastold to be off? Therefore it has to be that the current is just passing through while the circuit board is itself in a 0ff state.

But let's stick a fork in it to be sure...

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