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Is it against tos to post IT business opportunities?


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Let me start by thanking you for asking before just spouting off here and being labelled a spammer.

I think in a general sense there shouldn't be much of a problem here. We've had people come in and offer money in exchange for help with things. Mostly simple stuff like "help me come to grips with this and I'll give you $X" but in my experience it just got answered with variations of "read THIS, THIS and THIS link and keep your money". I also know that a number of people on this forum are self-employed and wouldn't mind some extra business. If that's the kind of business partnership you're looking for, I'd say go for it - it could work out quite well.

So, yeah, I think this is (or should be) allowed. Probably something to ask in the Business and Enterprise IT section of the forum, but maybe wait a bit to allow others to weigh in as well. After all, I'm but a lowly user here and most certainly couldn't speak for everyone.

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