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Unusual SSIDs


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So, I did a scan of an area and there were maybe 20 "normal" looking SSIDs and then about an hour later I rescanned and then there were about 20 additional SSIDs that looked like "etw4t7804usehrbnfehjwiou" and "**R*IOR)*%$*Jjklfgjklf". Like someone had somehow introduced 20 new SSIDs that were produced by someone just mashing their fist into the keyboard. Any idea what is up with that?

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I have seen these kinds of packets before... my first thought was maybe these are attempts to exploit a specific wireless chip. I seen metasploit has broadcom exploits maybe worth reading the source on these types of exploits...

I have also seen 00:00:00:00:00:00 access point with wep encryption... I find strange...

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