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Better UAC bypass for Admin CMD / PowerShell

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I wanted to leave a post and give you an idea how to improve scripts.

I saw a lot of scripts where people hit GUI + R and type CMD and then go admin by using the MENU button other stuff.

I saw a lot of scripts wher you bypass the UAC with ALT + Y

Faster and language independent is following, which is working from Windows Vista on, where you start to have "live search" in the start menu:


so what it does, is to call the windows start menue, type CMD in the search field and then starting the app as administrator.
You would normaly do this by holding shift + ctrl while clicking or pressing enter

You can start ANY app with admin level this way.

second thing, instead of now pressing ALT + Y, which only works for english systems I use left arrow, which will make a jump from the No to the Yes button.
The next reason why I prefer this, is the error handling if you would have no UAC active.

if there is no UAC active, this will just give you one more enter, as there is nothing triggered by left arrow key.

now you are good to go :)

Remember: there are some systems out there, where users are not allowed to press GUI + R, so this could prevent you from other issues with this too ;)

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