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Upgrading the Antenna


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So in the thread, we are unsure of which wan0 or wan1 manages the public facing AP traffic. I’ve made a personal tactical case out of an old laptop bag. The bag has 2x 1 foot antenna wires that lead to antenna threads out side of the laptop bag. Then the bag houses my LTE modem/router/pi/tetra. When I made the bag did 2, not all 4 antenna extensions. 

Cheers, R

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On 5/16/2020 at 6:22 AM, d1550n4nc3 said:

I bought 4 Huacam HCM82 8dBi dual band antennas. The Tetra doesn't pick up a thing with them installed. No such problem with the stock antennas. Why would this be?

It picks up nothing at all?  Or just weaker signal than factory antennas?  

There are a few common reasons antennas don't work as expected and most of the time it comes down to the wrong style of antenna being selected.  

Factors include:

  • polarity
  • gain
  • directional style
    • omni
    • patch
    • panel
    • yagi
    • etc, etc, etc
  • impedance ( less likely when buying WiFi antennas but is possible)

Hope this helps with the basic idea.

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