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Filter not working as expected


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Running firmware 1.0.2. After running an AP & Client scan, I select the MAC addresses that I want to filter. I set them to allow mode. My understanding is that with that enabled, the only MAC addresses that should be allowed to associate are those listed. When I turn on allow associations, I get other devices associating with it. Am I misunderstanding how the filter works?

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Haven't discovered it personally yet but will try it out and reply back if I find anything different.

But to be fair, mine has been extremely unstable with 1.0.2 in general, with random things like clients not getting an IP and showing No Hostname after multiple reboots and settings refreshes. Going to do a factory reset for the third time in 2 weeks to see if it improves at all.

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It works fine on my TETRA.

I scan, find my phones MAC address, add it the filter with the drop-down menu, change to the filter module, switch it to Allow mode, and the only device able to connect is my phone.

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