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How to install reaver / wash ?

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I was able to use opkg to install reaver and bully, but was does not seem to work. When I run it, i get the following: it returns VERY fast... does not display any results.

root@Pineapple:~# wash -i wlan1mon

Wash v1.5.2 WiFi Protected Setup Scan Tool
Copyright (c) 2011, Tactical Network Solutions, Craig Heffner <cheffner@tacnetsol.com>
mod by t6_x <t6_x@hotmail.com> & DataHead & Soxrok2212 & Wiire & kib0rg

BSSID              Channel  RSSI  WPS Version  WPS Locked  ESSID

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Hello friends,

Wash is included in the Reaver package. It is easy to install use opkg install reaver in the console of the pineapple to install it.


Greetings from Germany

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