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problem running thc hydra


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I am new to thc hydra. I am using kali. I downloaded dependencies and configured hydra. But i feel something is going wrong. below are the details.

root@kali:/# cd hydra-8.1
root@kali:/hydra-8.1# ./configure

Starting hydra auto configuration ...
Detected 64 Bit Linux OS

Checking for openssl (libssl, libcrypto, ssl.h, sha.h) ...
... found
Checking for idn (libidn.so) ...
... NOT found, unicode logins and passwords will not be supported
Checking for curses (libcurses.so / term.h) ...
... found, color output enabled
Checking for pcre (libpcre.so, pcre.h) ...
... found
Checking for Postgres (libpq.so, libpq-fe.h) ...
... found
Checking for SVN (libsvn_client-1 libapr-1.so libaprutil-1.so) ...
... found
Checking for firebird (libfbclient.so) ...
... NOT found, module firebird disabled
Checking for MYSQL client (libmysqlclient.so, math.h) ...
... found
Checking for AFP (libafpclient.so) ...
... NOT found, module Apple Filing Protocol disabled - Apple sucks anyway
Checking for NCP (libncp.so / nwcalls.h) ...
... NOT found, module NCP disabled
Checking for SAP/R3 (librfc/saprfc.h) ...
... NOT found, module sapr3 disabled
Get it from http://www.sap.com/solutions/netweaver/linux/eval/index.asp
Checking for libssh (libssh/libssh.h) ...
... found
Checking for Oracle (libocci.so libclntsh.so / oci.h and libaio.so) ...
... NOT found, module Oracle disabled
Get basic and sdk package from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/features/instant-client/index.html
Checking for GUI req's (pkg-config, gtk+-2.0) ...
... found
Checking for Android specialities ...
... rindex() found
... RSA_generate_key() found
Checking for secure compile option support in gcc ...
Compiling... yes
Linking... yes

Hydra will be installed into .../bin of: /usr/local
(change this by running ./configure --prefix=path)

Writing Makefile.in ...
now type "make"

root@kali:~# hydra -l 4444444444@gmail.com -P /root/Desktop/test1 -s 465 -S -v -V -t 1 smtp.gmail.com smtp
Hydra v8.1 © 2014 by van Hauser/THC - Please do not use in military or secret service organizations, or for illegal purposes.

[WARNING] hydra was compiled without SSL support. Install openssl and recompile! Option ignored...
Hydra (http://www.thc.org/thc-hydra) starting at 2016-03-25 17:30:48
[iNFO] several providers have implemented cracking protection, check with a small wordlist first - and stay legal!
[WARNING] Restorefile (./hydra.restore) from a previous session found, to prevent overwriting, you have 10 seconds to abort...
[DATA] max 1 task per 1 server, overall 64 tasks, 27 login tries (l:1/p:27), ~0 tries per task
[DATA] attacking service smtp on port 465
[VERBOSE] Resolving addresses ... done
[ATTEMPT] target smtp.gmail.com - login "44444444444@gmail.com" - pass "a" - 1 of 27 [child 0]
[VERBOSE] Retrying connection for child 0
[RE-ATTEMPT] target smtp.gmail.com - login "4444444444@gmail.com" - pass "a" - 1 of 27 [child 0]
[VERBOSE] Retrying connection for child 0
[RE-ATTEMPT] target smtp.gmail.com - login "4444444444444@gmail.com" - pass "a" - 1 of 27 [child 0]
^C[ERROR] Received signal 2, going down ...

password file is having alphabets from a-z including the correct password but some thing is going wrong and it is looping at the first password.

Kindly tell me what is going wrong and how to rectify it.


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1. Seems like you didn't run 'make' as per the instructions on the screen.

2. Don't try to hack a real website. That shit is illegal and get you into all sorts of trouble.

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Do you realise you've just posted a nice bit of evidence of yourself trying to hack a Google mailbox? Even if this is your own mailbox Google doesn't allow this type of thing and we don't condone it, please only use tools like this against systems you have permission to run them against.

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