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IDEA: Bluetooth LE monitoring with Pineapple?


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Have not put too much thought into this, but was thinking... So many people wear wearables today. Why not have a way to use the Pineapple "sense" who is around. Each device I imagine has a unique identifier that could be use to track who is around the pineapple when, or just to even do a traffic analysis at a particular area that the pineapple may be dropped off to.

I haven't done any research to see if openwrt has any module to support bluetooth, but i imagine it does. WIth a dongle it should be do-able.


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This is mostly possible with the Ubertooth. Right now I have a setup that I use to help with Bluetooth sniffing. The rig is put together with the express purpose of tracking bluetooth devices. Here is a picture:


The Pi is running Raspbian. I'm running ubertooth-rx and shaping the output to pick out the information I want like the identifier (LAP) and the signal strength.

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