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Hack USB mouse


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I'm not sure where to post this so sorry if it's wrong.

I'm trying to hack my new shiny mouse LEDs in a way that doesn't require me ripping it apart.

The mouse has a DPI function that also switches the colour of the LEDs inside. This change can also be made with the included software.

The problem is the colours are locked to the DPI. So if you want red LED you have to use the first DPI setting. The software does not include manual colour changes.

The idea is to send the colour packets directly to the mouse over USB. The software does this for you but only when you change the DPI. I have monitored the USB packets and identified the hex string it uses to set the colour along with a separate hex sting to set the DPI.

How would I send hex values to a USB HID.

I'm familiar with python if that helps.

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