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fun with folding @home


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You should be interested in it. It is a great idea, since GPUs are good at doing one thing, and one thing alone, calculating FPUs. They are a direct mathamatical pipe. The GPU version of folding works by filling up the vector matrixs and running the calculations on them. Very very very effecient way of churning out work units, there are a few down sides to the GPU client vs CPU, it still doesn't totally off loan the CPU, since it is a GPU it lacks alot of command sets that make CPUs more overal versital (and slower in comparison to math), such as the ability to OR/XOR data, so imagine trying to write a program that does something, but you can't have any conditions or variables outside of your math matrix's? So yous till need to use a decent (few % depending on CPU) to run the FAH client.

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Time to upgrade?

Actually it has alot todo with how the code writes to the matrix's. (Size of and such) I predict we will see some more expansion on it, but first off this was their first test run with it in deployment, and it has come along way.

I wish it was for more universal cards to, I could rape with all the laptops at my job with ATI cards. (ESP considering I have it installed as a service, and then cut the ghost image for all the machines :) ).

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