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Frets on Fire ( open-source Guitar Hero clone)


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just found this game on wikipedia and thought u guys might like it :P

its available for windows/linux/mac/freebsd

(i bet that openalpha chick might like it)


Frets on Fire is a Guitar Hero clone, so the player emulates playing the guitar section of a song. Notes appear on the screen, synchronized with the song, and are played by holding the correct "fret buttons" (F1-F5) and pressing the "pick button" (Enter) at the right moment. Streaks of correct notes increase the point multiplier, but a single missed one resets it. While there is no actual goal to meet for any given song, scores can be uploaded to, and compared at, the official website. The game's distinguishing feature is its control system: the keyboard is meant to be picked up and held like a guitar, with the left hand on the fret buttons and the right hand on the pick. [5]


* 4 difficulty levels (Supaeasy, Easy, Medium, and Amazing).

* A tutorial.

* A custom song editor.

* 3 standard songs, along with the ability to download songs made by others and/or make your own.

* Joystick support

* As of 8/30/06, the update release allows you to import Guitar Hero songs from the disk if you have a DVD Drive and 500 MB of disk space. This mode is under development, as the ripping process from the disk takes about 4 hours on a ~2 GHz x86 computer.

* There is a community dedicating to the development of new songs for the game.

* The instant messaging service Xfire currently supports Frets on Fire.

official site : http://louhi.kempele.fi/~skyostil/uv/fretsonfire/

sourceforge mirror : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...lease_id=466327



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