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Sharing internet to the clients


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I have a few questions.

I am able to use PineAP and get clients to connect to me. (I have always asked for permission from the test subjects, just for educational purposes)

However i want them to connect and be able to surf the web unknowingly that i am watching.

And when i get some smart phones connected and watch the urlsnarflog. it recognizes a captive portal.
Is it possible to do it discrete?

And are there somewhere i can read up on the modules?, how to use them, understand every function and so on.

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Do you have your pineapple connected to a network?

If you have installed the Evil Portal 1.0 module be sure that is not selected start on boot or upgrade to 2.0.

Too be sure that Landing Page is Disabled on Configuration section.

I would like too there exist a document, video or something like that for explain how to use some modules because isn't available for all of them. But for now only exist the User Manual you can find here https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37794-wifi-pineapple-generation-6-user-manual-draft/

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I have it either connect to my phone with 4G tethering or my home network with my laptop running kali Linux.

None of them seem to be able to get me where I want.

I don't have the landingpage enabled and I have updated all of the modules.

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I am able to get Internet on the pineapple. And I can browse the Web on my own computer and so on.

But if I use my phone as a target, deauthenticate it from wifi and it connects to the pineapple. But I can't get access to the Internet on the target device.

That is the problem

Hope someone can help me solve this

I've probably done something wrong as usual Haha

But that's how you learn I guess.

I love this community!

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sounds to me like your pineapple isn't online at all. (did you disable the Laptops (?) wifi?)

Can you load the Bulletins on the Dashboard of the Pineapple? Or can you download modules? If not, you are not online.

Did you enable ICS (internet Connection Sharing) so the pineapple gets internet via the laptop (if connected via USB)?

I'm personally like to use (and due to Mac OS) a additional USB-WiFI-Adapter (plug'n'play) to connect the Nano to the internet. (unter NETWORK => WIFI CLIENT MODE you can select the wlan (wlan2 would be the additional wifi-adapter) and SCAN for available networks to connect.

Once your Nano is online the internet should be shared by default.

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I tried to ping the address and it worked. I got my secondary phone to connect to the pineapple and were able to surf the web. i also were able to check Dwall on my laptop to log the data.

But even if it worked. now i got some other problems. My clients don't show up in the clients tab at all. and when i try to do a recon scan, it just freezes. On every possible scan.

Stuck at a 100%

I tried a reboot, a shutdown, reboot the computer, updated the system, checked for updates on the pineapple, and im thinking that wiping the whole thing is the only option (again)

This is getting a bit annoying

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