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TCPDUMP vs airodump-ng


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I'm getting more and more familiar with airodump-ng but noticed there is also TCPDump.

I have a few questions.

Am I correct to assume that airodump-ng is solely for wireless sniffing while tcpdump is any interface including wired connections? if that is so...

will running tcpdump on my wireless interface card while it's in monitor mode, shouldn't it pick up 4 way handshakes (WPA2)?


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TCPDump dumps, you've guessed it, TCP.

When the 4-way handshake is performed, you don't yet have a network connection. There's no IP assigned to you or anything.

So airodump-ng dumps more than TCPDump, and what it dumps more is specific to wireless networks. TCPDump works on the network once the connection to the network has been established, and doesn't care if that network is wireless, wired or anything else.

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In the past I've used tcpdump to capture wireless packets, but you have to manually put the card in monitor mode.

wlan[0x00] == 0x80 is a Beacon Frame

wlan[0x00] == 0x08 is a Data Frame
wlan[0x1e:2] == 0x888e is 802.1X Authentication
wlan[0x24] == 0x02 is EAPOL
sudo tcpdump -i wlan0 -w dumpfile.pcap -s 0 -n \( wlan[0x00] == 0x80 \) or \( wlan[0x00] == 0x08 and wlan[0x1e:2] == 0x888e and wlan[0x24] == 0x02 \)
I haven't thoroughly tested the above command for capping the EAPOL part, but I do get a ton of beacon frames. It probably needs a bit of tweaking to get it to cap correctly.

(Edit: fixed a typo)

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