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Metasploit and Ubuntu 14.04 System Freeze


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I have an big problem with Metasploit on Ubuntu 14.04, when i start metasploit, my system is going to freeze its very horrible i cant really work.

if metasploit start, postgresql and ruby starting also its normal. but they need a HUGE system resccources.....

is there any solution for this problem ?

ps: i attach an picture.



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It's difficult for people to answer your question because you do not give enough information. For example how much memory is in your system and how much is in use.

What is the output of the command free -m (if its possible to do that if your machine freezes up)

If you suspect the problem is memory shortage then the solution is easy: get more ram.

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The reason it works with Windows is probably swap. Did you configure (and enable) a swap partition for Ubuntu to use?

Note that using swap slows things down, so the suggestion to get more RAM is still very much valid, but if that's not in the cards adding some swap might get you going, just not as quickly.

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