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Wireshark help


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Hey guys,

I am struggling with this basic wireshark .cap

I am supposed to find a flag in it somewhere but im really missing something.

I have only been able to find an email from \ to and subject fields. I can see there was an image uploaded but cannot pull it out and its significance really is unknown.

2x tuna sandwiches, choc milk and a google of tls1.0 and I am still banging my head on a brick wall.

can anyone help, not nessesarly with the answer but perhaps some hint on where im going wrong?

very new to wireshark and all this in general.


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So I have found the key https://mega.nz/#!uRdTiIzS!ellNGiPWMtxLgOGnRMAdJL4U7hwQU8djp4oF63dytm4

its a JPG file that is corrupt, so for the first time ever I am playing with hex.

I have confirmed at least the file is indeed a jpg but the header does not seem to be incorrect as I suspected its set to FF D8 FF

The end of the file is marked FF D9 which my reading would suggest that is all in order.

What I did notice is that the header appears again a few lines later but I no nothing of what I am looking at really.. so I cut this garbage out for lack of a better term and still no change.. :/


JFIF Version 1.01 Resolution 96 pixels/inch

File — basic information derived from the file.

File Type JPEG File Type Extension jpg Image Size 1,172 × 621 MIME Type image/jpeg Image Width 1,920 Image Height 1,200 Encoding Process Baseline DCT, Huffman coding Bits Per Sample 8 Color Components 3 File Size 695 kB Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)

This block of data is computed based upon other items. Some of it may be wildly incorrect, especially if the image has been resized.

Megapixels 0.728
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