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Will Markv be supported for much longer


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I see a new product has been brought out, the pineapple nano and tetra. I purchased my MarkV less than 6 months ago so is this product now unsupported or will it continue to receive updates to the Firmware for the foreseeable future? I also noticed a few forum posts regarding slow transfer speeds on the MarkV has this been resolved in the Nano and Tetra?

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They've said they will be updating the mkV to the new interface, but after that I believe it will probably be considered EOL in terms of updates (that's just my guess though). It's still a great product and you can still get your uses out of it, but development efforts will probably be focused on the new generation. After the mkV gets updated to the new interface it will be able to support the new modules that are coming out so it will still receive updates in those I would assume.

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Atleast two threads on this already exist.

As for the transfer speeds on wlan1, yes, Those issues have been fixed.

Many thanks for the responses guys. Definitely no argument that the Mark V still has great use, I need to understand it this model before I move on to anything else anyway, but the new interface is definitely of interest.

Foxtrot you are correct I see the following threads available if anyone else needs further info.

New Update information




Firmware moved (please check other threads as this may be the incorrect way after posting)


Model Comparison


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