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WiFi Pineapple Generation 6 User Manual Draft

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Hi All -

I've started the beginning of a comprehensive user manual on the WiFi Pineapple NANO and TETRA. This will eventually become available as a PDF download, but until then I invite you all to review and comment on the living Google Doc either here or in the doc.


I'm very excited to hear your feedback on what I believe will help many newcomers and veterans alike with this project.


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It's looking good!

I would recommend adding in "The WiFi Pineapple Hardware" section which wlans are which antennas. It could be easily added on the Nano picture, but squeezing it in on the Tetra one might be difficult.

Otherwise I gave it a decent read threw and learned a thing or two I didn't realize yet even after playing with them for a couple months now. :)

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Yes, please indicate what wlans are which antennas. In the week I've had the tetra I've worked out what some of them are but have yet to come accross a full description of what each one is.

Quoting Darren from an earlier post ( https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37586-general-tetra-discussion/?p=273866 ) :

"With the front (LED side) of the WiFi Pineapple TETRA facing you, the two antennas on the left are wlan0 and the two on the right are wlan1. Another way to put look at it is that the two wlan0 antennas are closest to the RJ45 Ethernet port while the two wlan1 antennas are closest to the Reset button. Both radios are in a diversity configuration by default and ship with dual-band antennas."

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Darren - Just to show my support. The documents really useful, clear and easy to understand. It was really useful last night and taught me a few things i didnt know about this monster of a device.

Im really new to a pineapple so it probably helped me more then a "fair weathered" user. Its definately time well invested so just a thanks and a thumbs up.

I know your stupidly busy and documents take a copious amout of personal time to produce, review, and then publish.

I'll look forward to seeing any updates as and when you have the time :)

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Thanks, Looks good. Tetra came in but no quick set-up, so this works as a great reminder/refresher since I'm used to the MIV & V. Even more psyched about the book!. My luck, I ended up hosing myself. Ordered a Ducky on the "Mrrobot" sale, but didn't think it applied to the Tetra/Nano. So ordered the Tetra Tactical, but was after the sale. It arrives in the mail, the exact same day the "freebook" sale e-mail came. So, I ordered the book anyway. My message on shipping = Owe me a beer at Shmoocon. :-) Seriously though, the Tetra is impressive. Love the new UI, the power  & range. Looking forward to the book & future evolutions. 

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2 hours ago, tacohajo said:

The draft manual looks screwed up.....

Any chance in getting a readable manual????



In the top right hand-corner change it from "Suggesting" to "Viewing".  That should help make it readable.

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1 hour ago, MrUSMCHack said:

GoogleDrive says "We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service."  


I cannot download the manual.  

that is because they made a book and they are selling it in the hakshop

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3 hours ago, barry99705 said:

 If you click on the green suggesting button on the top right and change it to viewing it shows it correctly.  After that you should be able to save it to pdf.

Thanks !

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