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ICS issues and speed over all.

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So apologies if this is a rather "noobish" question, or set of questions but here it goes. I bought the Tetra to both toy with and more importantly because it was a router that is capable of accepting a tethered connection from an android phone as its main connection. This is allowing me to drop TWC which brings me great joy. So the two questions I have are this:

1. Is there a reason why when having my phone connected to the tetra itself and tethering my speeds drop by an order of magnitude? When connecting to the Pineapple tethering I get somewhere around 2-3 megabits while when connected via USB tether to the computer itself I get between 10-14 megabits, is there any reason for this?

2. Because of the above situation I attempted to just connect my computer to the internet and then share the connection to the pineapple to give my house wireless. This appears to not be working at the moment, and I'm not sure why. As far as setup goes for the pineapple, I connected and did initial setup through my android device and the firmware upgrade and initial setup went well. The wireless network is setup and I am able to establish a connection to the pineapple with both anything on the wireless network as well as on the computer connected with a wire. That said, I am unable to connect to the pineapple via the browser, but pinging does return the expected response.

If there is any more information you would require in order to answer this question I would happily give it. At the moment I do have work arounds, but at the end of the day having a proper router will make my life much easier.



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1 OTA (over the air) is always slower then an physical connection (usb)

2 You might not have set your pineapple up correctly... check out pineapple uni or just the hak5 channel... also check the video about the pineapple setup on a computer... you might be trying to connect to the right ip, but using the wrong protocol. try running nmap on your computer when it is connected to the pineapple... then see which port it is using.

I wish you good luck and better internet.

ps. you will still have slow internet if you only use your phone's data... it's not as good as a legit internet connection...

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