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On 7/25/2020 at 8:28 PM, Struthian said:

"Dead meat" is not a very diagnostic description.  What have you done to it? How did you attempt a reset?  Don't tell people to wake up if you can't really articulate what is going on.  Look at the reset process.  Follow it.  Make sure it is powered properly according to the documentation. Start following the process exactly.  Attempt to access it (and explain what happened), then if that doesn't work, follow the reset process.  Never expect people to care what you write when you didn't write anything descriptive yourself. That is important to any community.  

No, its not diagnostic its a feeling.

Besides mitm with a portal, its not that useful to me. But i dont blame anyone, just a FEELING that the product is no longer powerful as it used to or an equivalnte of wardriving.

Btw, i have the nano.


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