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Ducky Source Code re-use (License model and Legality)


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Hello Everyone,

I thought I would bring my question here as it would likely have the most relevant user base to receive feedback.

I've previously tried to get in touch with Darren @ Hak5 - but I'm sure he gets contacted all the time and is probably on a busy schedule so I'll try my best on here hoping this gets to the best possible place/person in order for me to understand the legality around an idea I had.

Main Questions:

  1. Is it legal for me to use the Ducky source code and to flash my own firmware and then re-sell it as a ready made pen-testing tool? (With my own custom ducky scripts embedded)?
  2. If the answer to the above is (yes) - What are, if any - the licensing models around this process? I'm not planning to get rich of this, it's just a side project.
  3. I understand the chipset used in the ducky is the Amtel chip, but what about the circuit board? Am I able to source this anywhere already made and ready for flashing?

I've been a long running supporter of Hak5 through donations etc and I truly hope that the Hak5 team does not take my questions the wrong way.

I also hope that the Hak5 team can appreciate my willingness to engage with them regarding the whole legality process as I do not want to do any wrong by them.

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