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I certainly hope I haven't missed the bus.


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I just recieved my turtle, I won't have time for a week or so to even start trying to mess with it. So I haven't even plugged it in yet.

All attention in the forums seem to be in Nano/Tetra.

It seems the turtle forum should be on fire still..being a very capable piece of kit it appears to be...but not so much anymore.....

Has interest just waned or is everything that can be done with the turtle already been discussed in the Lan Turtle forum......????

What's the deal?

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I don't think you've missed out on anything - I still use my turtle all the time to take advantage of the lack of egress-rules on networks. Pineapples are the hotness, no doubt about it - but that doesn't mean the turtle isn't an amazing device. You're correct that it doesn't receive as much creative developer support, but it is kind of limited. It's a pivot point, it's a great reverse tunnel, and it is physically stealthy. I've done some fun things with it and shared (see "The torrential turtle") - please do the same and keep it alive!


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