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Stability issues with Red is wlan1mon, when being disabled and tethering stopping.


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Seems like battery issue. Have you tried the 12v 2ah power supply?

Im not sure it's a battery problem now (it could be) I wonder if a few of the Tetra's pull just a bit more power than others?

Based on your post using your Anker battery, I procured a battery providing 4.8 amps. I could stress out my Tetra no problems. With my limited testing (I'm very busy working also, work first play later) I have found different configurations, with my batteries (15,000's) show different results.

I really wish I had a Port Pilot,


I guess that's my next purchase.

Then maybe I could maybe pin it down.

shadowmmm, did you get a battery replacement? If so did it solve your problem?

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