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a few questions regarding the Tetra before I buy


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So I completed the initial setup and im looking at tutorials on YouTube and everyones UI and options look different than mine. This is what I see with the majority of videos:


and this is what mine looks like:


Im using Kali Linux 2.0 connecting it via USB, powering it with the AC adapter.

I cant follow the tutorials without the Pineapple Bar it seems. If anyone can help, id appreciate it.

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That's because you are following MKV tutorials. They should still be valid but the interface will be different.

Hm okay. I dont see many Tetra tutorials. Im just gonna ruffle through everything, see if I can absorb this and make Tetra tutorials for the next n00b like me who comes along asking ridiculous questions >.<

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It depends on what you want to learn about. I have some tutorials up for the NANO and TETRA but they are only for my modules. You'll probably see more appear as time goes on since these are new devices. Not even all of the modules that were available on the MKV are fully functional on the NANO/TETRA yet.

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You are looking at tutorials for the previous generation of pineapples. There isn't alot out yet for the TETRA. Try these


Sweet! Im on my way.. Actually gonna do my tutorials in Spanish for starters. It was hard enough to navigate through this in English, I figure this could be a nightmare for someone who's not a native English speaker.

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