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How would you defend against GCHQ's apparently 'legal' attacks?


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Hi all,

Interesting read for you, on thehackernews.com;

British Intelligence is Legally Allowed to Hack Anyone, Court Says

GCHQ also said it had:
  • Installed malware
  • Remotely turned ON cameras and microphone
  • Installed Keylogger that records every pressed key on a keyboard
  • Tracked suspects' locations via GPS
  • Remotely stole documents from target devices

I think we were all already aware of GCHQ's ability to ignore people's (supposed) right to anonymity, but my question is, how would you personally defend against them?

What advice / programs / actions would you take in order to ghost yourself away from this agencie's prying eyes, in particular the points quoted above?

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Encrypt personal files and/or have them stored on an offline access only computer.

You can prevend software keyloggers by using liveDVD/CD operating systems.

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You can prevend software keyloggers by using liveDVD/CD operating systems.

I have a problem with this statement. Because you can't permanently update a livecd, when a problem becomes known with some software thats running on the livecd, it's vulnerable, and a keylogger can be installed on the current running instance of the OS. Of course when you restart it, the keylogger will be gone, but being still vulnerable, the keylogger can be replaced back onto the new running instance of the OS. In some ways, you might be more vulnerable using a livecd. just my 2 cents :)

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Sure. Any system has to be up-to-date, but yet nothing is a 100% secure.

It's possibly that an even lesser known OS is more secure even it is more out-of-date.

A small recommendation: Lightweight Portable Security by the Department of Defense

Also runs from USB (which is not accessable after bootup for security reasons)

PS: Ultimately if anything has memory access, it can screw with the system in one way or another ^_^

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