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How to connect to the Management AP wirelessly


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I seem to be unable to access the Tetra Management console by wireless alone. I have also the Nano and I have had no issue at all with it, so it should not be a configuration issue: I should know how to do that, given the similarity of the two devices.

What is the correct combination of the different power options? I have the two Pineapple Juice 15000 and I could also use a RavPower battery pack (http://www.amazon.com/RAVPower-16000mAh-External-Technology-Lightning/dp/B012ZX122Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1455441817&sr=8-1&keywords=ravpower+deluxe+rp-pb19), but my attempts have been unsuccessful so far.

Do you have a guaranteed receipt I could try?

Thank you!

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It seems I have found a feasible combination, after all: the two PA Juice 15000 batteries must be connected to the Micro USB ports. The important part here is that it just seem not to work when I connect the cables to the 2.1A output ports on the Juice batteries. Infact, when I do that both the orange and blue leds are ligthen up for some seconds, and after that the device simply seem to turn itself off.

I wonder now how would I be able to supply enough power while on the road, considering that the required power is up to 18Wh and that this configuration is able to deliver only 10Wh.

By the way, it seem that this is the reason why my RavPower battery is not working: it has two ports, one able to deliver 2.1A and the other 2.4A, so it seem to be too powerful.

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I had my tetra running off batteries for 10 hours yesterday.

I used a regular usb to micro usb on the Pineapple Juice 1500 2.1 slot, then I had the y-cable hooked to an Anker Powercore+ 13400 and to a Anker Powercore+ 10050 (both use Anker IQ to put out 4.8 A supposedly). When I finally shutdown the Tetra, the Pineapple 1500 had 1 bar left (<25%), the PowerCore+ 13400 had 1 dot left (<10%) and the Powercore+ 10050 had 7 dots left (<70%).
I did have some really weird power issues when I first started out, but ended up finding out one of the y-cables was DOA (already emailed shop@/darren@ hoping to get a replacement in the same box as the 2nd battery they're sending). Hooking the bad one up to computer by itself no power to the tetra at all, hooking it up to the pineapple 1500 the lights flashed on but no power to the tetra still. Just mentioning that in case you may have a similar issue with one of yours.
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I did three batteries because I wanted to make sure I had more than enough power to run it all day. (If I had the second y cable working I would have done four batteries)

I'll do a test but I'm pretty sure you can get at least 8 hours out of the two pineapple 15000 batteries. I just figured if I have extra batteries why not use them.

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I think I have nailed it up. The cause is simple: I have been an absolute newbie. :(

At my (partial) excuse, I can say that the fact that a manual is totally missing does not help.

For every other noob that - as me - would in the future incur in a similar issue, I say that the issue was due to the fact that the Tetra has the following startup cicle:

- Amber and Blue led on.

- All leds off.

- Blue led starts blinking.

- Blue led is stable.

Now it works.

I simply didn't know that. :(

Darren, please add a simple one pager with the basics. A scenario based with three or four common scenarios would be great, like you are doing with the first activation. It should be online, also, and you should grow it adding new scenarios over time. This would greatly simplify the user experience.

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