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Sharing Wifi with NANO


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Hey community!

This is my first pineapple and bought it to gain knowledge.
Also very new in the pentestingworld

There were no problems with android tethering. Everything worked as it should.
When i tried to connect it with my laptop i got the script running and were able to login to the device. But i could not load bulletins or get the network to work at the same time.

Is it possible to share the wlan with the device and still be able to use internet in my webbrowser?
or do i have to have a third antenna? (were reading something about an extra usb antenna)

Hope someone can help me with this. Can't wait to start playing around with it.

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Tethering WiFi does work with android you first need to connect to a wifi network and then make sure tethering is enabled for your android and make sure you connect the oem charger that for your android to your nano and the other end to your android and it should use the internet of the wifi your connected to.

there is a video darren made showing how to tether with wifi

if you already have the app downloaded and already setup the nano you can skip doing them 2 parts shown in the video but the steps used for setting up tethering is needed.

I'm gonna be doing my own videos for the nano.

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As I said. The tethering works as it should.

No problems there

The problem I have is that I probably have made a mistake in the setup on my laptop

I can connect it and login to the nano but I don't get any Internet access.

And my question were: can I share my wificonnection with the nano and still be able to use my laptops webbrowser?

Because I failed with that.

I read something about a third antenna and I'm just making sure I don't have to get one more antenna to get it working as I want it to.

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As long as the laptop is connected to the NANO you should be able to use the internet the NANO is using. I've had no issues with using the internet my nano is sharing with a laptop and I don't use a 3rd adapter.

if you're not able to get internet on your laptop that's connected to the NANO over wifi then their is an issue somewhere if you're using wifi that your tethering with your laptop's internet you need to use the wp6.sh

Are you sure there isn't a problem with the internet the nano is connected to like maybe a internet outage?

So i'm confused as to what you're using to tether are you tethering your android or laptop?

If you're tethering your laptop you need to use the wp6.sh script obviously it sounds like you might have set the wrong settings maybe when you were using the wp6.sh script if your using linux.

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Yeah exactly, I think I made mistake with the wp6.sh script on my laptop.

Then I know I'm not wasting my time on this.

I'll give it a try again and if it's unsuccessful I will get back here.

Thank you for your reply

Make sure your connected to the wifi before your run the wp6.sh script anytime you connect to a new wifi you have to run the script and go through the guide unless it's a network you've connected to before.

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