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Keep U3 hack on computer that purges data every 4 hours???


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Here is a great question for all you geniuses out there. :wink:

I am sure most of you have heard of programs such as deep freeze and others that create moblie registries across a computer network and have the ability to purge all modified data from anyone persons account after a certain amount of allotted time.

Everytime a user logs into their account on the network everything is just fine. Even if they restart the computer and log in again their personal files are still in their account. (only for about 15 min though)

After about 15 min to a half an hour that persons account is reset and all personal files are erased. It seems that many bussniess/schools and admins use this type of technology to prevent the infiltration of viruses and other crap.

- My question is how can I keep this U3 hack on these everchanging computers without having to constantly reinfect the account evertime a person logs on???

The only obivious thing that does not change in these computers is files that are directly placed into the C: drive. (if you have access)

- (maybe um wrong though, so let me know if you have more experience with these programs)

So would there be a way to infiltrate some aspect of these computers so that the hack files would not be constanly erased every so many hours????

Good luck guys let me know your thoughts. :D

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