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Using Kismet for wardriving wifi and bluetooth simultaneously?


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I plan on using a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspian. I want to wardrive wifi and bluetooth at the same time also while using gpsd of course for a rough location on one Raspberry Pi. I will be using an Alfa w/ external antenna and an Ubertooth w/ external antenna. Now for some questions...

1. Will I need to run (2) instances of Kismet, or can it be done is (1) instance, keeping in mind the Ubertooth needs to run a plug-in?

2. If I need to run (2) instances of Kismet, will I need to use (2) separate config files, and/or two installations of Kismet in differing locations?

3. I'm assuming gpsd can feed GPS coordinates to both the wifi and bluetooth scanning?

4. Offer any insight to some problems you think I might run into, or recommandations on the best way to accomplish this, or even perhaps a better way?

Any feedback would be much appreciated..Thanks

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I'm not sure about the kismet side of it yet, but I do use my ubertooth with my raspi2. I've gotten to the point of the spec analyzer, and everything compiles and works great.

I'd be interested to find out what your tests find about trying the logging of both simultaneously with kismet and gps though.

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What's the load on the CPU when you do this? That would be my biggest worry with this concept. Most of these radios require considerable (in ARM terms) horsepower to process the data they provide. If your Pi is one of the old ones, you might not have enough oomph to properly process all of it reliably.

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